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Effects of Testosterona

Testosterona is one of the most important hormones we produce, so important many medical professionals have deemed it one of the top five most important hormones we produce as human beings. Of course, it wasn’t always this way; for years, the effects of testosterona were largely misunderstood and even demonized due to the hormones relationship to the anabolic steroid market, but as time has gone by this perception is beginning to change. The “Low T” commercials you’ve begun to see are evident of this fact, as the importance of this hormone is finally being realized by many more in the medical community. While this revelation is taking place, the effects of testosterona have always found a welcomed home in performance enhancement circles. In any case, the effects of testosterona do not change regardless of the primary point of focus, therapeutic or performance, and it is here we want to look at those specific effects.


The Primary Effects of Testosterona:

The primary hormone of the androgen class produced by both men and women, the effects of testosterona are often viewed in the sense of male sexual characteristics due to the fact of this hormone being the primary male sex hormone. While the primary male sex hormone, both men and women require it; although men require almost ten times the amount as compared to women. The effects of testosterona play key roles in early development as well as in the maintenance of general health, and such roles affect our physical, sexual and even mental states. From muscle tissue to bone health, our metabolic state, direct sexual function and even in issues regarding our mental capabilities testosterona plays numerous key roles, and when levels fall we suffer.

The effects of testosterona can largely be understood by understanding low levels of the hormone, for when levels fall many unwanted and quite bothersome conditions can occur. Low levels of this primary androgen can often result in the loss of muscle tissue as well as tissue and bone strength, and can even have a direct correlating effect on our ability to burn body-fat. People who suffer from low levels often suffer in each of the previously mentioned areas, and, unfortunately, it can get much worse. Low levels of testosterona can lead to depression and sexual dysfunction; they can diminish your clarity of thought, bring about symptoms of lethargy and insomnia and often be a doorway to many far more serious conditions. The effects of testosterona have been found to be so important, low levels of the androgen have been linked to diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and a host of other serious conditions. The effects of testosterona are so vital, a healthy heart and your overall general disposition are intrinsically connected.

Combating Low Testosterona:

As we can easily see, low levels of testosterona are by no means welcomed, and in the U.S. alone millions upon millions of men suffer. The reason they suffer is straightforward; they are lacking in the hormone, their body is not producing enough of the hormone to meet the body’s needs, and as such therapeutic measure must be taken. For this purpose, the individual will apply an exogenous form of the hormone, a synthetic version thereby providing the body the hormone it is now lacking. Through this therapeutic measure, the effects of testosterona will reach a suitable state and any condition the individual suffers from associated with low levels will be reversed. Of course, the effects of testosterona go much deeper than simple therapeutic measure, and such effects can largely be understood by understanding performance.

Performance Effects of Testosterona:

To obtain performance effects of testosterona, the individual must not only provide the body more testosterona, but the individual must do so in a way that provides an amount greater than average amounts. This is where the individual will apply supraphysiological doses of the hormone in exogenous fashion, thereby increasing levels far beyond what the body can produce naturally. Through this process, the effects of testosterona are amplified; in short, the individual has entered the world of performance enhancement.

By its nature, the testosterona hormone plays key anabolic and metabolic roles within the body, and when levels surpass the standard, average range each area of responsibility is enhanced. For the performance enhancer, this can mean more lean tissue mass, greater strength, less body-fat and quite simply better performance overall. By its mode of action, the effects of testosterona lend to a greater level of protein synthesis, greater nitrogen retention in the muscles, the reduction and blockage of glucocorticoid hormones, an increase in IGF-1 production and red blood cell counts which all-in-all leads to greater anabolic activity and a more powerful metabolism.

Aromatizing Effects of Testosterona:

The body can only use so much of this primary androgen, and what it does not use, what does not make its way through the body in a positive fashion will convert into estrogen. This process occurs via the aromatase enzyme and is responsible for the vast majority of side-effects associated with the hormone. For the individual suffering from low levels of the androgen, this is of very little concern as they are only providing their body what it is lacking; for the individual providing supraphysiological doses, it is another story. The more testosterona you provide the body the more there is to aromatize, and as estrogen levels increase side-effects surrounding cholesterol, blood pressure, water retention and even Gynecomastia can begin to show.

For the performance enhancer, we can process more testosterona than what is naturally produced quite comfortably, and while there is a cutoff point it can vary from person to person. However, most healthy adult men can increase this cutoff point; they can supplement with even more of the hormone and block the estrogenic effects by simply inhibiting the aromatase process. Such inhibiting can be performed by the use of Aromatase Inhibitors, thereby allowing the positive effects of testosterona to reign supreme while the negative effects remain a meaningless concern. It is important to note, individual response and your overall general state of health will dictate quite a bit, but for a healthy adult male who supplements reasonably and takes proper precautions the effects of testosterona in a performance sense can be enjoyed.

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