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Testosterona 200

Testosterona 200 is a popular veterinarian (Vet) grade Testosterone-Enanthate manufactured by Brovel Labs, but in recent years has become a common name given to many Testosterone-Enanthate compounds dosed at 200mg/ml. In any case, regardless of the manufacturer Testosterona 200 remains one of the most powerfully effective anabolic steroids we have at our disposal, and, what’s more, one of the most well-tolerated in healthy adult men. From bulking cycles to cutting cycles and everything in-between, Testosterona 200 has something for everyone, and can in many cases be the answer to your performance enhancement needs.

Understanding Testosterona 200:

Testosterona 200 is a powerful anabolic steroid of equal anabolic and androgenic power, with ratings of 100 in both regards. Comprised of the primary anabolic steroid Testosterone and attached to the large Enanthate ester, all Testosterona 200 comes dosed at 200mg/ml; in many ways, this is what distinguishes the hormone as most Testosterone-Enanthate is dosed at 250mg/ml. As is with all Enanthate compounds of a direct testosterone nature, Testosterona 200 carries a long half-life of approximately 10.5 days. As a large ester based compound, the effects of Testosterona 200 will not be very noticeable in the short term, but will be long lasting as use continues to build.


Through Testosterona 200 use, several things in the body occur that promote performance and simply a better you. By its precise mode of action, Testosterona 200 will actively increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscles, and while this is intrinsic to its function it does not end there. Those who supplement with this powerful testosterone will actively increase their rate of natural IGF-1 production, thereby significantly promoting anabolic activity. While these traits greatly promote anabolic action, the hormonal compound will also tremendously promote an increase in red blood cell count and bring about a nice reduction in total glucocorticoid production. Through these traits, the metabolism is considerably enhanced as is total, muscular endurance.

When to Supplement with Testosterona 200:

As eluded to early on, the best time to supplement with Testosterona 200 is during any anabolic steroid cycle. For your off-season needs, Testosterona 200 will tremendously promote gains in mass as well as strength. Further, through supplemental use of this exogenous hormone, you will be able to gain more mass with less body-fat than you would otherwise be able to do. This is a most welcomed trait for any off-season athlete, as controlling fat gain can be exceedingly difficult to do when trying to add mass; in-fact, without Testosterona 200 or an equivalent it’s virtually impossible.

For the athlete supplementing with Testosterona 200 when cutting, this is when things can get really exciting, as this will be when all your hard work is displayed. When we diet, our primary goal is losing body-fat; it’s not enough to lose weight, this is meaningless; we want a reduction in body-fat. As such, in-order to reach this end we must consume fewer calories than we burn; we must place our body in a caloric deficit. As this is necessary, as calories are so restricted the body will burn away some lean tissue to meet its energy needs, and this is a problem for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the more lean tissue we carry the greater our metabolism burns, and if we’re burning lean tissue we’re slowing our metabolism down. While that’s bad enough, to make matters worse you’re now ruining muscle tissue you worked so hard to gain, and as you lose weight but continue to lose lean tissue you’re certainly not improving your overall look. Enter Testosterona 200, and in this case we have a hormonal compound that will with significant power preserve lean tissue when calories are restricted. That’s right; the tissue you would have otherwise lost will be preserved. Further, by its direct metabolic enhancing qualities you’ll be able to burn fat at a much higher rate of efficiency.

As you can easily see, Testosterona 200 is a truly versatile hormonal compound, and the traits and benefits do not end there. Regardless of the period of use, cutting or bulking, Testosterona 200 will significantly improve your total recovery times; the rate in-which your body heals and rejuvenates. Further, your energy levels and muscular endurance will be enhanced; the ability to do more work will be present, but more importantly the work you’re already doing will be performed at a far greater efficient rate. Add in this compounds ability to improve mental focus, improve your general disposition and correct any lacking areas of sexual performance and you have one truly remarkable hormone in Testosterona 200.


Testosterona 200 can lead to a few side-effects of an estrogenic nature; most notably Gynecomastia and excess water retention. As a testosterone compound, by its nature a conversion from testosterone to estrogen will occur, thereby causing estrogen levels to increase and side-effects to occur. While Gynecomastia and water retention are most common, this conversion into estrogen brought on by the aromatase process can have a negative impact on blood pressure and cholesterol, and that’s no good for anyone. While these are problems there is hope and as such Testosterona 200 can be used safely.

If you’re going to avoid the problems, if you’re going to protect yourself when supplementing with Testosterona 200 you must supplement with responsible doses, and in most cases, you should be a healthy adult male. If you meet these requirements, you’re a healthy adult male and you supplement responsibly, then it’s time to add in Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s). AI’s will inhibit aromatase from occurring, as well as lower estrogen levels in the body significantly. As the estrogen that causes the problem is now absent the problems themselves are no longer a concern.

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