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Have you ever searched out testosterona reviews? If you have, you’ve probably found a massive amount of conflicting information, and of course, this can make things unbelievably confusing. Let’s be clear, testosterona is one of the most important and powerful anabolic steroidal hormones of all, and there are absolute facts surrounding this potent anabolic and androgenic hormone. As there are facts, when searching out testosterona reviews, you must have an understanding of these facts if the review is to hold any worth. If you find any testosterona reviews that skew from the facts of the hormone, no matter how well-intended such a review becomes utterly useless; the truth becomes a lie even if elements of truth exist within it.


With all of this in mind, we want to provide you with the foundational principles of the testosterona hormone. With such information, when you’re looking for a quality testosterona product, when trying to determine which one is right for you, you’ll be enabled with the ability to distinguish quality testosterona reviews versus those of an unsatisfactory nature. At any rate, before we give you the facts there are a few important things you must keep in mind. When searching out testosterona reviews, you’ll be best served by avoiding certain ones right from the start. Reviews done by a particular manufacturer can at times hold solid information, but it’s very easy for them to hold a strong level of bias; you’ll always find independent reviews to be worth far more. Further, reviews given by those with a strong anti-steroid nature are almost always riddled with half-truths and outright lies; the strong hatred based on raw emotion is simply too strong to let the truth shine through. When you’re looking for testosterona reviews, or those revolving around any anabolic steroid, you want independent, unbiased information from those with nothing to gain or lose from reporting such information.

The Foundation of Testosterona Reviews:

There are as stated specific facts regarding the testosterona hormone; undeniable truths. Any and all reviews you come across must be built around these foundational principles; the good and the bad. As these are the foundational principles, the truth behind the hormone, any information that presents such truths in an altered way that adds or takes away from it should be deemed false. For example, while this may sound simplistic there’s an easy way to view this principle. If an individual claims the sky is blue and polka dotted, that is a statement that holds strong truth; the sky is blue, but with the additional information given the entire statement becomes false. To give this example a place in our discussion here, let’s consider side-effects of testosterona use. There are possible side-effects, and to imply otherwise would be irresponsible, but if we imply such negative reactions are guaranteed, as is often done, this is an outright lie. What does this all tell us? This tells us we must have the absolute truth; the foundational principles of all testosterona reviews must be built around solid truth; nothing less and certainly nothing more.

Of course, from here the only question is what are the foundational principles of all testosterona reviews? There are quite a few, and we will go over each one here; those of a positive and negative nature. To do so, we must understand the hormone itself; its basic nature and function, for within the nature and function, we largely understand the hormone itself. For example, the nature of any item determines its function, and if a function occurs outside of this nature that function was produced by something else, and in this case that would not be testosterona. The foundational principles include:

  • Testosterona is the primary male sex hormone of the androgen class, and essential to the proper function of all human beings.
  • Testosterona itself has obviously always existed, but the synthetic form was first made available thanks to German chemists Adolf Butenandt and Leopold Ruzicka in 1935.
  • Testosterona that is provided in exogenous form is the synthetic version of the naturally produced hormone. Once in the body, the body makes no distinguishing difference; the point of origin does not change the hormones function.
  • Testosterona is a hormone of equal anabolic and androgenic power, carrying ratings of 100 in both regards, and as such is the measurement by-which all other anabolic steroids are measured.
  • Testosterona plays vital roles in the body and affects our physical and sexual well-being, and can also affect our mental function in many ways.
  • Men who suffer from low levels of the primary androgen often suffer from the following symptoms:
    - Erectile Dysfunction
    - Suppressed Libido
    - Loss of Mass
    - Loss of Strength
    - Loss of Memory
    - Increased Body-Fat
    - Loss of Focus or Mental Clarity
    - Depression
    - Lethargy
  • Testosterona levels of a proper range will result in the above symptoms never occurring or reversed once remedied.
  • By increasing levels beyond natural means and above average standards, testosterona provides the following traits: - Increased Nitrogen Retention
    - Increased Rate of Protein Synthesis
    - Increased Red Blood Cell Count
    - Increased IGF-1 Production
    - Decreased Glucocorticoid Production
  • By the traits above, depending on which direction your nutritional intake goes, the following can be obtained: - Increased Muscle Mass
    - Increased Strength
    - Decreased Body-Fat
    - Enhanced Rate of Recovery
    - Enhanced Overall Physical Conditioning
  • Testosterona carries possible side-effects, and by-and-large they are due to the hormones ability to aromatize. As the aromatase process occurs, this causes a buildup in estrogen as the testosterona converts into estrogen itself. Such possible side-effects include: - Gynecomastia
    - Excess Water Retention
    - High Blood Pressure
    - High Cholesterol
  • The side-effects of an aromatizing nature can be controlled with proper doses and the use of aromatase inhibitors.
  • Exogenous testosterona use will suppress natural testosterone production, thereby causing the testicles to atrophy. Once exogenous use has come to a halt, natural production will begin again, and the testicles will return to their normal size.
  • There are five common forms of exogenous testosterona in-terms of administration: - Android: Oral Testosterona Capsule
    - AndroDerm: Transdermal Patch
    - AndroGel: Transdermal Gel or Cream
    - Testopel: Subcutaneous Implant Pellet
    - Injectable Testosterona: six common forms – Testosterona-Cypionate, Testosterona-Enanthate, Testosterona-Propionate,
    Testosterona-Suspension, Omnadren and Sustanon-250.

Myths & Lies:

The above represents the foundation by-which all testosterona reviews must be built, and anything that takes away from the above truths is not worth your time. Of course, we will yet aid you even more by providing you some clarity surrounding some of the most common myths and lies reported in many reviews. Some of these will come from those of an outright anti-steroid nature; while others from those who are although well-intended are simply misinformed. These are some very common misconceptions and lies, and any of the testosterona reviews you come across, if they hold to even one, even if the basic foundational principles are in place you must question the quality of the review in an overall sense; if this is the case, you’re probably better off finding another review to go by.

• Myth: Exogenous testosterona supplementation will cause “Roid Rage.”
• Truth: Roid Rage refers to an individual acting in a violent manner when supplementing with any anabolic steroid that would not have occurred without supplementation. However, every study done on this aspect has proven the idea to be false; in-fact, the relationship between testosterona and the brain in this regard has been proven to be so small it cannot be measured if it exists at all. This applies to not only therapeutic doses but supraphysiological doses as well; this can be seen in the 1996 study performed by the New England Journal of Medicine and even in the testimony of the American Medical Association during the steroid hearings leading to the original Steroid Control Act of 1990.

• Myth: Exogenous use of testosterona can kill you.
•Truth: Since its use began in 1935, there has yet to be a single death in recorded history directly linked to the use of exogenous testosterona; this includes both therapeutic and supraphysiological doses. Of course, there have been individuals who have passed with exogenous testosterona in their system, but there is no evidence that the death was caused by the testosterona. However, in many cases, regardless of the cause of death testosterona use is often blamed despite any sound or solid proof.

• Myth: Exogenous testosterona use can make you fat.
• Truth: A common concern seen on many steroid related message boards and one that makes absolutely no sense as it goes against the very nature of the hormone. If you are gaining fat when supplementing with this potent hormone, it’s not the hormones fault; you’re simply eating too much.

Making Sense of it all:

These are basic principles by-which all testosterona reviews must exist, and that’s merely the truth. With these principles now in your bank of knowledge, while they may seem simple, they will provide you with the means to make proper decisions regarding your own supplementation. At any rate, once you’re ready, once you find the product you need, get ready for a life changing hormone that will dramatically improve your life when responsible use is applied. Of course, we’re assuming you’re a healthy adult male, as you’re the only ones who should consider supplementation.

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